Chef d'Equipe en Réseaux Mobiles

France - Lyon Full time
08 Jul 2022

-Perform and guide the development of telecommunications station implementation work for the Company's customers, in accordance with the Area Activity Plan, superior guidelines, applicable legislation and internal standards and procedures, in order to ensure the team's compliance with quality, environmental and safety standards, as well as customer satisfaction with the service provided.

Main responsibilities and tasks:

- Ensure the internal request of the necessary materials for the development of the work, such as tools and personal protective equipment, in order to ensure the necessary resources for the execution within the planned deadlines and in accordance with the safety standards and procedures defined by the Company.

- Assess the safety conditions for the development of the work, in order to ensure compliance with internal safety standards and procedures, safeguarding the physical integrity of all members of the project team.

- Verify the feasibility of the designed project, analyzing and proposing possible alternative solutions, in order to ensure the creation of the necessary bases for the installation of infrastructures according to the pre-defined quality parameters and within the deadlines agreed upon with the client.

- Supervise and participate in the development of works in telecommunications towers or buildings, including RF, FO or Power cable passages, cable connectorization, installation and replacement of antennas, equipment assembly and connection between them, electrification of technical rooms and placement of masts and structures for fixing antennas in order to ensure the completion of activities in accordance with the deadlines and quality parameters set, safeguarding the physical integrity of all members of the project team.

- Supervise and participate in the execution of RF or optical measurement tests (VSWR, BER and Power Meter Optical) to the connections made, in order to ensure that they are in accordance with the guidelines set by the client.

- Supervise and participate in the preventive maintenance work of the customer's telecommunications sites, namely checking infrastructure components and electrical connections, carrying out controlled battery discharges, testing alarms with the supervision center and cleaning the facilities, in order to ensure the sites are operational, in accordance with the conditions contracted with the customer.

- Ensure the distribution of tasks among the various elements of the team, as well as recording the hours of each, in order to ensure control of the allocation of the team to tasks and to the project, as well as the achievement of the deadlines for the development of the work.

- Ensure the update of the status of the work in the system, as well as ensuring the return of unused materials at the end of the project and the availability to the supervisor of the field information required (photo reports, serial numbers and measurements taken) for the final screens.

- Ensure the training of all elements allocated to the project under his responsibility, in order to ensure an effective response to the development needs, as well as to ensure the delivery of work in accordance with the quality parameters required by the client.

- Control the achievement of objectives in terms of quality and deadline related to the project, analyzing deviations and proposing preventive and corrective measures in order to ensure compliance with the conditions contracted with the client, safeguarding the Company's image.

- Monitor the team's implementation and compliance with quality, safety, and environmental standards and procedures in order to ensure compliance, as well as compliance with internally defined standards and procedures.

- Comply with the Integrated Management System policy and procedures, taking responsibility for those aspects of the management system over which you have control.


- Minimum: High School or equivalent in the country;

- Preferred: 2 to 3 years performing similar or equivalent functions


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