Chef de Chantier Réseaux Mobiles

France - Lyon Full time Secondary School
05 Sep 2022

-Coordinate and control the construction projects and implementation of telecommunications stations under his responsibility, in accordance with the Activity Plan of the Area, superior guidelines, applicable legislation and internal standards and procedures, in order to ensure compliance with the activity plan of the works under his responsibility, according to the conditions agreed with the client, as well as promote the implementation of quality and safety standards by the project teams.

Main Responsibilities and Tasks:

- Ensure that the work teams under their responsibility have all the materials, equipment and documents necessary for the development of the work, in order to ensure the execution of the projects within the planned deadlines and in accordance with the safety standards and procedures defined by the Company.

-Ensure the management of the relationship with the client in the field and with external entities involved, in the resolution of any problems that may occur throughout the work, in order to safeguard the interests of the Organization, ensure the necessary conditions for the implementation of different projects and customer satisfaction with the service provided.

- Ensure the analysis and monitoring of the work carried out by teams of subcontractors in order to ensure compliance with agreed levels of service and to endorse the payment process, in accordance with the contractual conditions.

- Validate daily the record made by team leaders regarding the hours of each team member, in order to ensure control of the allocation of teams to tasks and projects, as well as the achievement of the deadlines for the development of works.

-Coordinate the human resources allocated to the projects under his responsibility, defining the forecast and operational needs in the areas of coaching, motivation, performance evaluation and training, in order to ensure the framework and motivation of employees to meet the objectives of the projects, promoting their development, productivity and alignment with the values and culture of the Group.

-Regularly control that the different projects are carried out in accordance with the activity plan and quality parameters defined, analyzing deviations and defining preventive and corrective measures whenever justified, in order to ensure compliance with the conditions contracted with the client, for the projects under their responsibility, safeguarding the Company's image.

-Control the implementation and enforcement of quality, safety and environmental standards and procedures by the team allocated to the project, in order to ensure compliance with applicable law, as well as compliance with internally defined standards and procedures.

- Comply with the Integrated Management System policy and procedures and take responsibility for those aspects of the management system over which you have control.


- Minimum: High School; Preferred: Technical-Professional Course in relevant areas;
- Minimum: 3 years in the performance of similar or equivalent functions; Preferred: 4 to 5 years in the performance of similar or equivalent functions


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