Human Resources | Insurance Sector| Porto (m/f)

Portugal - Porto Full time Degree
31 Jul 2023
Function Description:

· Planning and executing communication actions, contacting all relevant processes that are a result of the organization's strategy and respective communication plan, to capture information for dissemination;

· Advise management on work structure and processes, organizational development, change in organizational behavior, work organization systems, organizational culture and establishment of leadership systems;

· Elaborate and streamline action plans, in order to maximize the potential and performance of the employee and/or process, facilitating learning and skills development and thus improving work performance;

· Develop and implement programs related to the organization of work, which aim to increase efficiency, reduce absenteeism and improve the psychosocial integration of employees;

· Follow up and ensure the correct implementation and operation of the Performance Assessment and Management System;

· Ensuring the management of recruitment processes, supporting and developing all the necessary means for its development;

· Manage internal mobility processes, ensuring that they are based on the skills, knowledge and performance levels required for each function;

· Articulate the results of the performance assessment with the training area, taking into account the development needs identified in the employee, in order to ensure their alignment with the training plan.

Technical Skills | Behavioral:

· Degree in Psychology or Human Resources Management (preferred);

· +3 years of experience in similar functions;

· High ability to interact with different teams and profiles

· Structured sense of responsibility


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