Cadastre of infrastructures

Whether it's wastewater or rainwater, telecommunications, gas or electricity networks, Proef provides the necessary resources to cover all stages of infrastructure registration, through a cartographic baseline within a GIS environment.

About this solution

Infrastructure registration consists of a graphic representation of the information coming from the survey of all elements composing the infrastructure network to be assessed. 

This solution provides the collection of layout, magnitude, and material data from all infrastructure elements simultaneously, and the combination of collected data can be integrated into a GIS project. 

Thanks to all this systematized information, it becomes possible to build a more effective and sustainable decision support tool, as well as to facilitate the operationalization of maintenance, operation, and network expansion tasks.

About this solution

Tailor-made solution for

Local authorities
Public and private companies
Road, rail, port, airport, water supply, sanitation, gas and electricity transport and distribution infrastructures.
Electronic communication companies
And/or entities owners of infrastructures capable of housing electronic communications networks.

Here we share with you an example of our services in a water infrastructure registration:
Information gathering
Analysis of existing registration
Identifying limiting situations
Water pipeline layout detection
Survey and Registration
Infrastructures’ survey and registration design (AA (water supply) and SAR (wastewater treatment) networks | Topographic)
Cadastre Quality Control
Fieldwork re-checking
Final validation

Registration Modelling and Uploading
DB Development
GIS modelling of all elements
Test and validation

Planning and Management
Identifying critical points
Identifying anomalous details 
Strategic planning including physical interventions

Technical Assistance
Operation and monitoring
Metering equipment installation and monitoring (flow meters, data loggers, water pressure meters, and others...) - SCADA
Proef covers the entire cadastre of infrastructures stages

Advantages of this solution

Non-invasive subsoil survey
Precise detection and localisation
Anomaly prevention
Cost reduction
Optimised decision making
In the face of certain events that may be triggered due to real-time network monitoring
Improved water and sanitation systems’ management
Results compatible with 3D and BIM software