Enline is a software that uses the "digital twin” concept and manages all the assets related to power transmission systems. By using digitization of assets and artificial intelligence in understanding the electrical, mechanical and thermal component that entail the transmission of energy, Enline can manage the entire network, without requiring additional hardware or sensors.

How does it work?

In the first phase, the client provides all the engineering surrounding its transmission line so that the software can convert this information into a "digital twin" of the infrastructure. Then, using algorithms based on AI and machine learning, Enline can predict and detect and optimize the power transmission grid. 

ENLINE’s disruptive digital twin technology allows predictive and real-time full monitoring, fault detection, transmission losses reduction, maximize power transmission capacity by Dynamic Line Rating, and design optimization of new transmission lines, making Power Grids smarter, safer, and more efficient and reliable.

This innovative technological solution provides a comprehensive understanding of the electrical, mechanical, and thermal behaviour in each span of a transmission line without requiring the installation of sensors or hardware, with a highly economic and fully remote process.  Within a few days you can digitize any kind of transmission line in the world, no matter where or when. Enline is disrupting the current state of the art of the way digitizing transmission line assets, strongly reducing costs and simultaneously reducing operational risk and increasing asset efficiency.

Advantages of this solution

Increased efficiency in power transmission
Enline is able to measure, in real time, the energy load that a line is capable of supporting (taking into account factors such as climate, temperature, line condition, among others). Thus, operators are able to leverage their network to the maximum. 
Cost reduction and maintenance
Enline allows you to assess the status of the line at any time and if it needs maintenance. This way using drones or going to the field becomes unnecessary.
Efficient fault detection
This software makes it possible to detect any fault and identify where it occurred along the entire length of the line.
Improved engineering designs
With this tool it is possible to design new transmission networks, quantify the performance and operating capacity of electromagnetic fields and also make noise and environmental impact analysis.