Fixed Nework Operations

From the heavy lifting to the more meticulous tasks, we cover all phases of fiber optic implementation. We have extensive experience in the implementation and maintenance of fiber network infrastructures.

We cover all steps in the implementation of the fiber optic network

Splice and Fusion
Most fiber fusions are performed in "single mode"; however, the teams have the ability to also perform "multimode" fusion.
Blowing method
Using this method we can install cables at distances between 500 and 2000 metres.
The maximum installation speed is 60 m/min, the most common being 40 m/min.

OTDR Testing
For testing optical fibre cables, the following parameters shall be tested using OTDR (Optical time-domain reflectometer) technology.
Power Measurement
Last Mile
Costumer drop;
ODF (Optical Distribution Frame);
Distribution Cabinets;
Installation and Maintenance;
Equipment configured at the customer's home or office.