IT Contracting

At Proef we support your company's growth with our specialized IT outsourcing solution. We provide professionals with high competence who will meet your needs.

Our IT Contracting service includes technical profiles such as: Software Developer, Functional & Business Analyst, Business Intelligence & Big Data, being strongly oriented to sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications and Healthcare.

Software development

Advantages of this solution

IT Contracting allows your company to grow exponentially. You can recruit several skilled workers for the jobs you need without the need for training, or long-term employment contracts.
The number of employees required can increase and decrease at any time, depending on the needs and peaks of your business, without ever neglecting the quality of the provided service. 
Experience and proven results

In addition to all this, our employees are highly trained and can also share part of their experience in the improvement of your organizational processes.

Advantages of this solution