Loqr is an end-to-end platform that integrates identity verification and digital signature. This platform allows entities to provide services such as remote account opening, real-time consumer credit, document signing, contract certification, data maintenance and other services as an integrated digital channel.


Customer Onboarding
Enables digital onboarding of a new customer in less than 5 minutes, including the necessary "Know Your Client" checks and contract signatures, in compliance with AML and KYC requirements and regulations.
Electronic signature of corporate documents
Solution that enables the corporate signature of documents on behalf of an organization/legal entity using a qualified eIDAS electronic seal, thus ensuring the presumption of integrity and correct origin of all data.

Advantages of this solution

Adaptable solution
The end product can be adjusted to the needs of each business (tourism, hospitality, banking, insurance, health, among others).
Onboarding omnichannel
Onboarding works across multiple platforms, including web and mobile - iOS and Android.
Regulatory compliance
KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliant solution for fraud risk reduction. 
Comprehensive coverage for any document
Validation of more than 7000 official identity documents. Corporately certify invoices, receipts, contracts and other documents.
Protection and lawfulness
Ensures compliance with the requirements necessary for the legal validity of the documents/datasets using an electronic signature with a qualified eIDAS electronic seal.
Simple and flexible integration.