Mobile Network Engineering

At Proef we plan the entire network, from choosing the best place to implement the site, to obtaining licensing, implementation and maintenance of the same.

Proef covers the entire network engineering operation

New site macro planning
What to cover?
How many stations will be needed?
Nominal location definition

New site radio network planning
New / existing infrastructure
Rooftop / Tower / Other
Height / Sectors/ azimuths
Power / Passive infrastructure
Antenna model/ Active equipment
Site acquisition & negotiation
Strong relationship with municipalities and track record in negotiating with different types of landlords
Site Licensing
Overall licensing process knowledge to expedite and facilitate construction approval for greenfield or rooftop
Extensive track record and capacity to fully deploy solutions, from civil works to technical know-how
Site on-air
Know-how to test and ensure signal quality and full functionality of solution deployed
Field force and extensive track record to support in operations and maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

Radio Network

Radio optimisation
Experience in TEMS, NEMO and ROMES packages;
Equipment and tools for performing tests and taking measurements;
Specification and development of tools.
Outdoor radio planning
Coverage testing, design, technical visits, acceptance testing, optimization;
GSM, GSM-R, UMTS, LTE and 5G technologies.
Indoor radio planning
Solutions across the value chain (contracting, design and implementation);
Use of the iBWave package to provide the best solution.

Advantages of this solution

Typically the process [Negotiation and re-design, Permitting, Construction and Installation] takes 28 months. Because our multidisciplinary team is able to carry out all these steps in-house, the time can be reduced by up to a third, i.e. 7 months instead of the usual 28.