proGrow is a flexible and dynamic platform designed to enable the digitization of operations. The application allows data retention, both automatically and manually, providing performance indicators and promoting its improvement through collaboration tools.


Data Integration
Using various IoT communication solutions, proGrow can be integrated with all types of equipment and information systems.
Custom Calculation
Through Big Data technologies, our application can capture the most varied information in real-time, correlating them and transforming them into personalized indicators and analysis to respect all present business rules.
Automatic Analyses
By providing personalized indicators and reports for the various moments of analysis of the teams, it allows eliminating administrative tasks for processing data that do not add value, ending the headaches of spreadsheets.

Shopfloor Experience
By integrating proGrow into the day-to-day life of the shop floor, we allow automatic monitoring of operations, with the possibility of including additional manual records and real-time visualization of the performance of each station—all in a single interface.
Collaboration Tools
From improvement projects, corrective actions, or even audit management, we digitize all the necessary collaboration flows, promoting communication between departments and visibility of ongoing activities.
Centralized Know-how

By providing a platform that supports all those involved in operations management in their various functions, intuitively and accessible from any device, a real well of knowledge accessible to the entire organization is created.

Advantages of this solution

proGrow can be defined as an Industry 4.0 tool at the service of operational excellence.
By using this solution you are winning on all fronts: 

Reduce Administrative work
Elimination or automation of repetitive tasks in collecting, recording and processing data that adds no value.
Increase Operating Efficiency
Increased analytical capacity and decision-making effectiveness with the support of real-time data and consequent increase in productivity.
Gains through Continuous Improvement
Simplification and increased visibility of the continuous improvement process promoting the growth and quality of initiatives.