Smartlamppost is a joint venture between three of the most important players in Europe, in metal structures, Telecoms, Power and Smart Cities. Allowing a merge of skills, capabilities and market presence that will endow Smartlamppost with the right tools to become a manufacturing reference for “Street Level Distributed Housing Solutions”.


Following a simple modular approach with scalability in mind, Smartlamppost offers modules that are easy to combine and conjugate into solutions such as: 
Smart lighting
Charging electric vehicles
5G hosting
Small cells;
Virtualization technology.
State-of-the-art computing
Active and passive equipment integrated in urban furniture

Line of products

Smartlamppost accommodates all the needs of a Smart City / Service Provider (telecom, ev-charging, CCTV, Street lighting,…) in a sustainable street level infrastructure promoting resource sharing, deployment and O&M costs reduction, improving time-to-market, reducing RoI and with Capex distributed in time and entity. 
In order to achieve what was presented Smartlamppost has 3 line of products:
Base Aggregating Sustainable Infrastructure Solution
A way to implement SMARTLAMPPOST concept using existing light poles
Compact Electrical Mobility Urban Solution

Advantages of this solution

This solution allows smart cities and street-level service providers (telecom, EV operators, CCTV, street lighting) to share the same infrastructure and associated costs. 
Smartlamppost hardware solutions are complemented with a management platform that allows tenants and owners to perform leasing and asset management tasks.