Riot-ES : Resource-Efficient IoT-Edge Systems

Project Objectives

Develop new methods, technologies and systems to maximize energy efficiency and increase performance in IoT systems, with a focus on IoT devices and wireless edge processing;

Investigate a combination of computing and data management devices, sensors and platforms, where the complementary experience of the project partners will create strong synergy and understanding effects for all parts of the global IoT edge systems.

Co-financing of the national contribution of Ubiwhere and PROEF in the European project "Riot-ES - Resource-Efficient IoT-Edge Systems” submitted under the Celtic Next program of the EUREKA network.


Project designation: Riot-ES .: Resource-Efficient IoT-Edge Systems
Project code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-046247
Region of intervention: NORTH
Beneficiary: Proef
Date of approval: 28-10-2020
Start date: 01-10-2020
End date: 30-06-2023
Total eligible cost: 201.979,75€
Financial support | FEDER - 113.246,60€

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