About us

Driving Change Together

We want to drive and lead change in our industry, building the future side by side with our customers, partners, and employees.

We develop integrated solutions, customized according to the different needs of the clients and delivered in a turn-key model, in our areas - Telecom, Power, Cities and Corporate

Paulo Sousa

CEO Proef

"Our long-standing mission is to partner with our clients, helping them to plan, implement and drive forward into a shared future.
For this we seek to create new and complementary synergies that transform nowadays complex, competitive and volatile environments, where technology based innovation is moving at an ever-increasing pace, into valuable, tangible solutions to those who trust us the most."

We are Driving Change Together!

Paulo Sousa


Ambition – Constant determination to achieve the set goals and overcome all challenges.

Innovation – Driving change, always seeking to identify new opportunities and anticipating future needs.

Leadership – Leading the evolution in our sectors of activity.
Main Indicators

Our multidisciplinary teams provide turnkey integrated solutions, encompassing the entirety of the clients’ value chain. From the design and implementation phase, to operation and maintenance, complemented with IT services and Digital & Analytics tools, we guarantee quality and a post-service that strengthens the relationships with those who trust us the most.

Technical know-how

Developed over more than 37 years of experience and proven effectiveness.


Throughout our history, we had to reinvent ourselves in various situations. These experiences allowed us to identify and develop devices to deal with changes in the future.

Continuous learning

Relying on continuous vocational development and training, we form multidisciplinary teams able to answer to any challenge.

Identifying opportunities

We are aware of new trends, as well as new social and urban needs, etc.

Global Presence

We are present in 12 countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Angola, Mozambique, Colombia, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, Malta, UK.


We have the initiative, the ambition, and the attitude that allow us to anticipate future needs.

Integrated Solutions

We connect ecosystems from integrated and customized solutions that cover the entire value chain of the client.
Always faithful to our entrepreneurial spirit

We identify opportunities and invest in continuous learning and in reinventing our own business, supported by the technical know-how developed over more than 37 years of experience and proven effectiveness.