About us

Driving change together.

Driven by the motto "Driving change together", Proef has harnessed all synergies between different companies, thus improving the internal procedures’ efficiency. 

We began our activity in the Engineering sector (Power and Telecommunications), diversified our portfolio and are now present in sectors such as Insurance, Logistics, Equipment Rental, and Industry, amongst others.

Currently, we are a Group made up of more than 20 companies spread over 3 continents.

Paulo Sousa

CEO Proef

After 40 years of history, we are facing a time of transformation, marked not only by internal growth but also by consolidating our presence in the market and among those who are part of the Proef universe.

Today, despite all these uncertainties, we are firmly convinced that our People are the Organization's most valuable asset. 

The future will be built with "Proef DNA". 

Paulo Sousa


Ambition – Constant determination to achieve the set goals and overcome all challenges.

Innovation – Driving change, always seeking to identify new opportunities and anticipating future needs.

Leadership – Leading the evolution in our sectors of activity.
Main Indicators

Benefiting from our more than 1,700 employees, we foster an internal culture governed by its values, family-rooted and based on the ability to anticipate, be resilient, and adapt to the main drivers of evolution.