Driving Change Together is our motto, but also our commitment

We want to be agents of change, but without forgetting the global problems, benefiting people, the society and the entire planet. 

Take a look at our sustainability report and find out how we are reconciling our resources, people and technologies for a better future. 

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Proef adopted the BCSD - Business Council for Sustainable Development - Portugal Charter of Principles, a document defining the guidelines for a proper business management.

The Charter of Principles took inspiration from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the United Nations Global Compact. The goal is to create a volunteer benchmark adapted to different-dimensioned companies, encouraging them to continually follow sustainable management practices, based on six principles:

(1) Legal Compliance & Ethical Culture
(2) Human Rights
(3) Employment Rights
(4) Prevention, Health, and Safety
(5) Environment
(6) Management

This becomes, therefore, a means to encourage subscribers to go beyond legal compliance, taking on accredited rules and practices in line with management, ethical, social, environmental, and quality standards, in any context of the global economy.

By ratifying the Charter of Principles, Proef acknowledges sustainable management as a competitive factor.