Sustainable Plastics


Project Objectives

The SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS Agenda aims to leverage the plastics sector in Portugal for the transition into a truly circular economy.

It arises from an initiative by APIP - Portuguese Plastics Industry Association, led by Logoplaste Innovation Lab, with the purpose of mobilizing the private sector together with national authorities, universities, and citizens, via this Agenda, thus contributing to the objectives of the European Circular Economy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, greater resource efficiency, and job creation.

The Agenda is structured in 7 Work Packages that, working together, will promote the Green Transition of the Plastics Industry towards the Circular Economy. With this aim, the expected activities rely on 4 main axes: 

  1. Circularity by Material Design 
  2. Circularity by Product Design 
  3. Circularity by Recycling 
  4. Circularity by Alternative Raw Materials


Start date: 01/09/2022
Date of conclusion: 31/08/2025
Investment (Agenda): 38 ,921,750.29 Euros
Beneficiary Entity Proef Eurico Ferreira Portugal, S.A.
Investment (Beneficiary): 527,432.67 Euros


About the Consortium

Consortium Leader:

Agenda Description:
The SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS Agenda constitutes the Mobilizing Agenda for Plastics in Portugal, capable of leveraging the sector's transition into a circular economy.

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