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Improvement of telecommunications infrastructures in Angola
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
16 April 2021 Proef is working with Unitel, the largest Angolan telecommunications operator, to improve its telecommunications stations' energy efficiency.
Proef-MMCI Partnership
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
16 April 2021 With confidence and optimism in the Portugal telecommunications market's future, Proef established a partnership with MMCI Multimédia.
Proef seals partnership with EnBW
Power Cities Corporate
15 April 2021 Proef and EnBW, the third largest energy supplier in Germany, took another step in their relationship through a two-year partnership agreement.
Proef's summer internship program is back!
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
21 June 2021 Proef's summer internship program is back and will feature students that want to have the first experience in the labor market.
Excellence awards - Electrotechnics technical course
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
05 July 2021 Proef rewards the best student from de electrotechnics technical course of the D. Sancho I school, for the 2nd year in a row.
Proef reinforces its commitment to training its employees
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
21 October 2021 Proef reinforces its commitment to training its employees and provides training in operation and driving of forklifts.
Trainee Program - Engineering
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
16 November 2021 Proef's Trainee Program is back to receive professionals in the areas of Engineering, on a professional internship.
Proef and Unitel together in the improvement of the telecommunications network in Angola
Telecom Cities
31 January 2022 Unitel, an Angola telecommunications operator, relied on Proef to camouflage two telecommunications stations.
Proef and Ubiwhere partners in a fleet management project
Cities Corporate
19 January 2022 We increasingly seek to walk the path of sustainability in cities, and it was in this sense, we worked with Ubiwhere on the Thumbeo Corporate project.
Everything you need to know about Data Centers
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
17 February 2022 A data center, also known as a data processing center, is characterized as a physical building that companies use to house information that is of great relevance to their business.
Photovoltaic Solar Panels - Business Self-consumption
Power Cities Corporate
13 April 2022 Ask for an estimate now to install photovoltaic solar panels in your company and reduce the price of your electricity bill.
Ready to take a leap?
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
14 June 2023 If you want to have your first contact with the job market, this is your opportunity.
Basic Life Support | Course
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
15 July 2022 As our premise is "Safe, always." We invite our employees to take the "Basic Life Support" course.
Proef DNA 2022
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
03 August 2022 Proef DNA is to employees who have excelled exceptionally during the year, based on three essential pillars: Ambition, Leadership, and Innovation.
Selfnet 5G
Telecom Cities
31 March 2023 Proef is involved in the Selfnet 5G project, cofinanced by COMPETE 2020, which has set investments for developing two new services.
Proef DNA 2023
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
16 June 2023 The Proef DNA Award is based on three essential pillars, ambition, leadership and innovation. Meet the winners.
Managers' Meeting '24
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
02 February 2024 The beautiful city of Aveiro welcomed Proef to our Managers' Meeting.
Beyond Values & Variables: Data Science & Big Data
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
04 March 2024 On 27th February, Proef and the CCG/ZGDV Institute organised an event for startups and SMEs with a focus on the digital transition.
Proef Commits to Net Zero
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
27 June 2024 Proef has committed to the international "Net Zero" initiative, aligning with the European Union's goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its territory by 2050.
Safety drills
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
28 June 2024 We know that incidents can happen, so we make a point of being prepared for all eventualities, including scenarios such as Environmental Emergencies, serious workplace accidents, and Business Continuity Disruptions.
Proef, HCapital and Libattion: Energy Transition Investment
Power Cities Corporate
12 July 2024 Proef and HCapital invest in Libattion to promote sustainable energy transition with innovative battery recycling and storage solutions.
Proef Summer Days' 24 #firstday
Telecom Power Cities Corporate
18 July 2024 On the first day of our Proef Summer Days, we greeted an enthusiastic group of young professionals eager to kickstart their careers.