Smart Waste

Smart waste management is one of the main concerns of a Smart City. Poor management of waste has a huge impact on health, the environment and even the economy. Proef's Smart Waste solution provides a more efficient management of urban waste, monitoring the amount of waste deposited per family and identifying the person who deposited said waste.

How does it work?

The installation of low-power, highly durable sensors in traditional waste containers allows the status, location and security of the container itself to be closely monitored, increasing its effectiveness and providing greater efficiency for waste management teams.

How does it work?

Advantages of this solution

PAYT (pay-as-you-throw)
Using the PAYT (pay-as-you-throw) methodology on waste containers leads to increased recycling rates based on each citizen's contribution, thus making the city more sustainable. 
More efficient collection
Because the collection trucks know what condition each container is in, they can plan their routes more efficiently, cutting costs and polluting less.
Fast resolution of anomalies
Containers have sensors that inform the system about their occupancy level and the detection of anomalies, or fires.
Door-to-door collection
Order management in order to optimize and prioritize and schedule routes.