Urban Platform

Can you imagine your city with a single, integrated system? The Urban Platform allows the collection and processing of data in various fields, such as traffic, air quality, energy efficiency, meteorology or tourist attractions, cross-referencing them and presenting indicators in a unified manner.


KPI analysis
KPI for sustainability and quality of life;
ISO 37120.

Occurrence Management
Based on custom workflows to make data analysis easier and more efficient.
CCTV system integration
Placement of detected occurrences in the city overview.

Advantages of this solution

Modular architecture
Easily adaptable ingestion modules.
Support for different communication protocols
MQTT, AMQP, etc.
Use of open protocols and standards
Harmonization of data using standard data models
Customizable Dashboard
By combining different domains with a customizable dashboard municipalities can make decisions in real time, just looking at a single map.