BroadWay Project

Project Objectives

The PPDR4Europe consortium, chaired by Leonardo (European leader in critical systems) and composed by Proef, Ubiwhere and Vodafone Portugal, will develop an interoperable mobile network solution, aimed at police forces and security operators, which will enable broadband voice, data and video communications, with high levels of reliability and security, using satellite and 5G communications.

Currently, each European country has its own communication system for emergency response and public protection services, which limits cooperation at international level. To address this limitation, the BroadWay project aims to provide operational mobility for public safety officers throughout Europe and to link the various emergency response and public protection communications networks so that they can work as one.
BroadWay‘s main goal is to create a pan-European interoperable mobile broadband system for the public protection and disaster relief network. As soon as this goal is achieved, the different response entities will be able to communicate with each other efficiently, quickly and reliably. Only thus will it be possible to offer a faster response to citizens in critical situations, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, public safety problems, etc.


Project Name: BroadWay
Region of intervention: 11 European countries
Beneficiary Entity : PROEF
Start Year: 2019
Conclusion Year: 2022
Project Budget: 2.983.857 €
Financial Support: 243.700 €

Partners that make up the consortium

Leonardo (Lead contractor)
Vodafone Portugal 
Athonet S.R.L
Sas Telespazio France
Bittium Wireless
Radiolabs Consorzio Universita Industria
Alma Mater Studiorum

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