Quality, Health, Environment and Safety

Always Safe.

Working better, more efficiently and always safe.

This is the foundation for our everyday operations, alongside our stakeholders.
Integrated Quality, Environment, Safety and Health at Work and Business Continuity Management System Policy

Proef has invested in the certification of its companies, and at this moment, the Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety System is implemented and certified according to the relevant references, in the following companies: 

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The performance of Proef’s Occupational Safety department focuses on preventing risk and improving the well-being of our employees.
We are deeply committed to the implementation of a zero accident culture and we intend to ensure that the health and safety of our employees is never put at risk.



Proef’s Occupational Health mission is to achieve a culture of health promotion and protection in the workplace, as an important factor to ensure the physical, mental and social health of all employees.

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