Alliance for Energy Transition

Project Description

The Alliance for the Energy Transition aims to strengthen companies’ competitiveness and resilience in the energy sector, as a result of the creation of innovative and export-oriented products and solutions, based on technology and know-how developed and consolidated in the sector, placing Portugal at the forefront of decarbonisation and fostering an effective energy transition.

Project Objectives

ATE will make a significant and sustained contribution to national strategic objectives, such as increasing exports (€443 million), increasing investment in R&D (€209.5 million), reducing emissions (3.4 MtonCO2), as well as changing the economy's specialization profile (€550 million in sales in 2027). ATE involves a total of 52 companies, 28 entities from the Research & Innovation System, which will create a truly structuring ecosystem for the Energy Transition, which in addition to the planned PPS, will also involve the creation of 420 qualified jobs.

Proef is part of Work Package 15 (Centre for Capacity Building and Advanced Training), which aims to develop an advanced training methodology geared towards the skills needed to achieve the energy transition:

  • UPSKILLING - Advanced Training
  • RESKILLING - Asset Building


Promoting Entity: Alliance for Energy Transition (ATE)
Start date: 01/01/2023
Date of conclusion: 31/12/2025
Investment (Agenda):  € 274,195,106.32
Beneficiary Entity: Proef Eurico Ferreira Portugal, S.A.
Investment (Beneficiary): € 283,012

About the Consortium

Consortium Leader
Efacec Energia - Máquinas e Equipamentos Eléctricos, S.A.

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