Project Objectives

Proef, in partnership with the Instituto das Telecomunicações, Altice Labs and the Instituto de Castelo Branco, intends, with the MUSCLES project, to test and develop a software platform for the autonomous management of LTE mobile networks (-A) with self-organization, detection and automatic problem resolution capabilities that are currently handled manually by mobile operators.

This project is part of the European program Celtic-Plus, in the project with the same name, led by the Instituto das Telecomunicações.


Project Name: MUSCLES
Project code: 17787
Main objective: Mobile Ubiquitous Small Cells for Low-cost Energy and Spectrum efficient cloud service delivery
Region of intervention: North & Center
Beneficiary entity PROEF
Date of approval: 12/08/2016
Start date: 01/11/2016 
Date of conclusion: 30/10/2019
Total eligible cost: 749 878,66€
Financial support: 424 307,57€

Partners that make up the consortium

Altice Labs
Instituto de Telecomunicações de Aveiro
Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco

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