Project UGREEN

Project Objectives

UGREEN aims to develop new solutions that reduce the energy consumption of LTE-U and Wi-Fi networks taking into account the future coexistence of the two technologies and the inherent coverage overlap. The main innovation of this project lies in the optimization of the energy consumption of these networks in the component that has mostly been ignored: Access Points.
The need for increased capacity and a growing number of terminals will lead to the installation of more small cells, with a consequent increase in the energy consumption of access networks. It is therefore essential to increase its energy efficiency, enabling sustainable growth and control of the energy bill.

The UGREEN project is supported by COMPETE 2020, under the Research and Technological Development Incentive System, as an individual project, involving an eligible investment of 528 thousand euros, which resulted in an ERDF incentive of 301 thousand euros.


Project Name: UGREEN
Project code: 23129
Main objective: Optimization of energy consumption of LTE-U and Wi-Fi networks in context of coexistence
Region of intervention: North
Beneficiary entity: Proef
Date of approval: 12/08/2016
Start date: 01/10/2017 
Date of conclusion: 30/09/2019
Total eligible cost: 564 660,74€
Financial support: 322 423,36€ 

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