Boosting coverage in inhospitable and hard to access areas

With about 4.9 million mobile customers NOS is one of the largest operators operating in Portugal.
The NOS vision is to be at the forefront of technology, with the best communications networks and, to this end, it must ensure that these can cover areas of difficult access in the national territory. 

Summary Table

Sector Telecom
Companies Involved NOS Proef STEDI
Location Portugal
Solutions Used Mobile Network Operations

Global Numbers

2000 This mobile antenna can cover an area of up to two thousand meters
18 Number of months the project will last (from specifications to implementation)
1 A van with a built-in Telecom antenna was set up

The Challenge

Ensure network coverage, regardless of physical barriers The challenge that NOS launched to Proef was to find a solution that ensures network boosting in inhospitable, hard to access areas, also providing for an increase of the flow of accesses in situations of crowds of people and emergencies.

Our solution

Proef, together with STEDI, developed and implemented the OTW project. A van with a Telecommunications antenna that allows the operator to provide mobile network in areas that need boosting.

This solution can be applied in various situations, for example, in the context of large events with a larger-than-usual influx of people and equipment, in the context of bad weather/disasters or, as in the current case of the pandemic, where a stronger mobile signal is necessary next to field hospitals and Operation Centres.