Mobile Network Operations

Our background in radio/mobile projects allows us to cover all stages of mobile network operations. We work with all technologies, such as GSM, DSC, UMTS, WIFI, LTE, GSM-R, and 5G.

Advantages of this solution

At Proef we believe in higher limits for better coverage, and we have solutions for operators at every stage of the process:

Implementation of BTS sites
Installation and configuration of cells and antennas
SWAP of equipment/technology
Assembly and connection of equipment
Software integration
VSWR Testing
Advantages of this solution

LCS – Light Cabinet Solution

Proef has developed, in partnership with the main telecom operators, a multifunctional cabinet that aggregates different types of equipment.
Its small size (with expansion potential), lateral accessibility, thermal and acoustic insulation, make it the ideal solution for stations in a reduced implementation area (rooftops or greenfield).