The second largest Tier III Data Centre in Portugal

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais inaugurated the new Data Centre in Riba De Ave in February 2018, an example in terms of technological excellence in Portugal. 
In addition to REN, the Data Centre will be used by the EDP group and the NOS group, customers of RENTELECOM, the REN group's telecommunications network operator.

Summary Table

Sector Telecom
Companies Involved Proef REN Siemens
Location Riba de Ave – Vila Nova de Famalicão
Solutions Used Data Center

Global Numbers

5000 The infrastructure occupies an area of about 5000 m² and includes 1200m² of technical rooms
513 Number of technicians, from 58 subcontracted companies
9 Duration of the project in months

The Challenge

High criticality Given the high criticality of this infrastructure for the REN Group and its clients, the Data Centre was reviewed by the Uptime Institute, subjected to rigorous commissioning trials and testing to prove its level of resilience to failure, having achieved Tier III certification. This is now the second Data Centre in Portugal to obtain this certification.
Dimension The size and technical specifications of the project represented a highly demanding challenge for our teams, strengthening our skills in the field of systems and infrastructure integration in Data Centres.

Our solution

Given the high criticality of this infrastructure, the data centre includes high levels of redundancy, with two power branches, providing redundant main and emergency power supply with a capacity of 1,600 kVA and the possibility of doubling that power. Two fuel supply tanks connected to a kit of four generator sets guarantee 24 hours of autonomy. Uninterruptible power is ensured by UPS in 2 (N+1) of 800 kVA with the possibility to upgrade up to 2.000 kVA.

The air conditioning system installed ensures a high degree of energy efficiency, through the free cooling system that uses the low temperatures of the outside air, to assist in cooling the existing water in the hydraulic network that has two inertia tanks with 20,000L each.
In terms of safety, the data centre is located in one of the areas with the lowest seismic risk in the country, and a perimeter anti-intrusion system, video surveillance, access control with segregation by zones and a fire detection and extinguishing system were installed.
All these specialities are integrated into a centralised management system (GTC), providing a set of real-time information that allows the entire infrastructure to be operated and monitored.


Rodrigo Costa:
"The Data Centre has been subjected to "rigorous commissioning trials and testing designed to prove its level of resilience to failure"