Fixed Nework Engineering

At Proef we do the planning of the entire fixed network: survey, cells, permissions, licensing, implementation and maintenance.

Proef covers the entire network engineering operation

All Address are registered and verified
Infrastructures Surveyed (Duct, Arial etc.)
Macro & micro cellularization
Define cell boundaries
Cable plan in DWG
Network Configuration
Table Net
Schematic net

Permits & Licensing
Strong relationship with municipalities and track record in negotiating with different types of landlords
Overall licensing process knowledge to expedite and facilitate construction approval for greenfield or rooftop
Cable Passed
PDO Installed 
Vertical Network
Vector Cables connected to Central Office

Bi-directional tests between each CO and each ODP
All test are registered and reported

Network Inventory
Register in the Intergraph tool the As Built Information
RFS (Ready For Service)
Commission File
Check List
Test registers

Operation and Maintenance

Advantages of this solution

We know that the process from design, implementation and registration of fixed networks is not linear. There are advances and setbacks, unforeseen events that often cause delays and increase costs for companies. 
By choosing Proef, you are opting for a global partner that guarantees fast and efficient implementation of your fixed network project, no matter what stage it is at.