Bariatric Surgery Follow-up Program

Obesity is one of the diseases that most affects the Portuguese population, with an estimated 1 in 3 Portuguese being obese.
Due to this context, the District Hospital of Santarém created the obesity surgery department in 2006 and, in 2020, started a follow-up programme for obese patients who undergo bariatric surgery.

Summary Table

Sector Corporate
Companies Involved Johnson & Johnson Proef Promptly Santarém District Hospital
Location Santarém
Solutions Used Promptly

Global Numbers

1.4M 1.4 million
Estimated number of obese people in Portugal (data from INE)
2006 Year of creation of the obesity surgery department
100 Number of patients operated per year

The Challenge

Closer monitoring, better results With the growing number of patients, the District Hospital of Santarém felt the need to have a digital platform to collect and analyse patients' results, using face-to-face and remote monitoring.
The goal was to centralize all information from the medical staff and the patient, so that one can more effectively analyse results and implement improvements in the treatment.

Our solution

During treatment, patient resilience and continuous follow-up by the clinical team are crucial points for the success of the "Bariatric Surgery Follow-up Program".
With a digital solution like Promptly, patients can send data such as their weight, fat mass percentage, or their feedback on treatment remotely, in real time.
This means that both patients and doctors can monitor the progress of the program and easily detect any irregularities.
Thanks to this platform it will also be possible to integrate more health professionals from different therapeutic areas such as nutrition, nursing and rehabilitation, to monitor the patient's progress. 


Paulo Sintra

Dr. Paulo Sintra:
“We realized that we could do much more for the patient if we closely monitored clinical and patient-reported outcomes.”