Promptly is a disease collection and tracking platform that allows data to be shared directly with medical staff and other patients in the same situation. This means that both patients and doctors can monitor the progress of disease treatment and easily detect any irregularities.


For Patients
The platform allows patients to understand and anticipate what they will experience with each treatment, medication, surgery and, if they want, share their symptoms, fears and expectation of outcomes with other patients. 
For the medical team
This platform gives the medical team real-time reports of the treatment progress and patient status. 
For nurses and caregivers
Promptly has a module just for nurses and caregivers to track patient data and communicate with the patient, coordinating the necessary care during the treatment of the disease. 

Advantages of this solution

Physiological and biochemical data may not provide all the information about progression of a disease or efficacy of a treatment. Some data will be more accurate via the patient's perspective. 

It is important not to forget that survival is not the only goal in treating a disease, the patient's quality of life and care during treatment are also fundamental. By using Promptly you can combine your medical experience and knowledge with patient feedback, for a faster and more effective outcome.