Industry 4.0 Solutions

As market demands accelerate service providers and industries must be increasingly quick to solve problems. Industry 4.0 is gaining relevance in the market as it enables simple an overall optimization of processes and tasks, leading to increased safety and optimized results.

Summary Table

Sector Corporate
Companies Involved EDP Glartek Proef
Location Portugal
Solutions Used Glartek

Global Numbers

30% 30% lower maintenance costs
60% 40 to 60% decrease in production losses
0% Of forgotten tasks

The Challenge

Increased productivity and decreased costs Every day EDP has hundreds of technicians in the field to who faults in the existing networks and systems are reported. The challenge that EDP brought to Proef and Glaterk was to find a way to reduce the time it takes for the technician to identify and reach the location of the failure, having at their disposal all the documentation on the processes needed to solve it quickly, with immediate reporting and feedback to managers.

We knew the challenge was complex because of the maze of pipe, equipment and sensors in each facility.
In addition, maintenance operators often need additional information, such as reports, manuals, schematics and real-time information, which is usually not available or does not exist. Searching for answers in manuals and complex reports takes time which decreases worker productivity and increases costs for the company.

Our solution

Glartek helps maintenance operators access and visualize, in the field, all the information necessary to solve maintenance problems more efficiently using Augmented Reality. 


PatrĂ­cia Rebelo:
"Glartek's product, with augmented reality capabilities, allows our field technicians to perform inspections and maintenance processes faster, with fewer errors and at the exact location, while managers get immediate feedback and ensure tasks are performed properly."