Glartek, leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for Manufacturing, Intensive Assets, and Field Services has the mission to increase the efficiency and safety of operational processes. It's software solutions combine the domains of Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things to bring visibility, optimization, and safety to field operations through more connected and augmented Workers, as well as providing Visual Remote Assistance.


Glartek provides two digital tools for the operational excellence of its customers. It raises standards of efficiency, quality, and safety of all processes.
Augmented & Connected Worker
Augmented and Connected worker, supported by digital tools to improve safety, quality and productivity of his operations. 
Visual Remote Assistance
Video sessions and augmented reality (AR) annotations to solve complex problems, at any time, reducing the number of deslocations of the specialists. 


Advantages of this solution

Increase of the worker efficiency

 Connected and empowered field workers increase their skills, reducing training time.

Increase safety of operation
Workers are supported by digital technology during the execution of their tasks (more visual and made available in real-time), allowing greater accuracy and guaranteeing the correct execution of their tasks.
Continuous improvement

Complete backoffice with automatically generated outputs to reduce decision making time and increase quality.