Insurance sector 2.0

DXC Technology is a leading global end-to-end IT services company with network architecture solutions such as Cisco ACI, commonly used in enterprises looking to transition from a traditional network data centre to SDN. 
In Portugal, some insurance companies are already investing on this architecture as the basis for their transformation process for a 2.0 insurance sector.

Summary Table

Sector Corporate
Companies Involved DXC Technology Geometric Talks Insurance company (confidential) Proef
Location Lisboa
Solutions Used IT Contracting

Global Numbers

12 Duration of the project in months
2 CISCO ACI Certified Consultants
4 Number of enterprises involved in this project

The Challenge

Transition from traditional data centre to SDN quickly and efficiently The Cisco ACI solution, marketed by DXC Technology, enables companies to reduce total cost of ownership by accelerating applications in data centres and automating IT operations.

In short, this tool serves to streamline processes, since it is based on a Software-defined Network (SDN) model, transversal to networks, servers, storage, security and services.

The major challenges in implementation are:

- Accelerate time to market (time is money);
- Transform the data centre to connect products and services;
- Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before they affect the business;
- Train or equip the end customer's (insurance company) operations team with resources capable of designing and implementing this solution.

Our solution

Implementing this solution in a short period of time required experienced professionals working on the premises of the end customer (insurance company).
Therefore, DXC Technology used Proef's IT Contracting solution which, through our partnership with Geometric Talks, allowed us to deploy two CISCO ACI Certified Consultants for 12 months to assist in this process of change.

IT Contracting enabled us to accelerate the design, testing, and deployment of the solution, mitigating the risks of transitioning from the traditional data centre to SDN.