Network Operations Center (NOC)

With Proef's Network Operations Centre (NOC) services, it's easier to devise strategies to improve the quality of the end-user experience. Monitor, identify, investigate, prioritize, and resolve issues that may affect the network.

About NOC

The NOC is a central office where infrastructure and services are remotely monitored and managed, identifying, investigating, prioritizing, escalating and resolving issues that may affect network performance and availability. 
About NOC

Advantages of this solution

Service Improvement
Assessments on network status at various shifts, resolution management, analysis and reporting that is expected to improve the quality of service. 
Problem reporting
Service Level Agreement (SLA) and traffic reports that allow business areas to quickly ascertain network performance levels. 
24/7 online and on-site support
Allows for reduced downtime and rapid mitigation of identified problems.
Contact centre and customer management
Enables effective customer support, thus improving customer satisfaction.