Shop floor integration and automation

Keep up with Industry 4.0 changes
Do you currently have online visibility of your equipment and workstations? 

If your answer is no, this means there’s still a long way to go. Industry 4.0 has accelerated the process of digital transformation in industries and solved problems such as: 
  • Chaotic planning;
  • Wrong inventories;
  • Non-conforming product; 
  • Late decision making;
  • High costs and lack of competitiveness.

Proef, in partnership with proGrow, has been developing an integrated solution for the automation of the industry’s shop floor, connecting people and equipment in real time.

Find out how to reduce administrative work in 1.6 FTE, increase operational efficiency in 1.0PP, and achieve around 20% continuous improvement gains.

Whitepaper Industry 4.0