Urban Mobility

Smart routes lead you to better destinations. Set on this premise, we developed our traffic management, intelligent parking, electric vehicle charging and bike-sharing solutions.

Advantages of this solution

City without traffic congestion
Our urban mobility solution analyzes inputs from the sensor network detecting traffic congestion, redirecting vehicles with indications on roadside information boards. Controls traffic signals, thus improving traffic flow in critical areas.
Parking is no longer a headache
Smart Parking solution provides real-time monitoring of on-street and off-street parking zones. It brings together all aspects of technology and parking space management in an integrated system that makes it extremely efficient. 
Transformation of the electric mobility ecosystem
Together with our partners we install and implement fast electric charging solutions. 
A bicycle-friendly city
We developed a bike sharing solution and management system with a GPS location-supported locking device built into the bike. The bike can be unlocked using a card or mobile device after registration and only allows you to lock or unlock a bike in the defined areas. The alert system and audible alarms prevent misuse.