Guimarães 5G Ready

The internet is increasingly transforming our lives, changing the way we interact and communicate with the world around us. Cities are also falling victim to this transformation, having to adapt and become increasingly smart. 

The "smartness" in big cities means that technology companies, particularly IoT, have to develop increasingly complex network solutions that can securely transmit large volumes of data and information.

Summary Table

Sector Cities Telecom
Companies Involved Metalogalva Municipality of Guimarães Proef Smartlamppost Ubiwhere
Location Guimarães
Solutions Used Smartlamppost

Global Numbers

50 Under ideal conditions the 5G network can be up to 50 times faster than 4G
10.000 Covered area
5 Companies involved in the project

The Challenge

Visual and environmental impact This solution had to be implemented in the city with the least visual and environmental impact possible, i.e. we had to come up with a solution to place hundreds of small cells in the city without disturbing the normal life of the city.
Network range The higher the frequency of the network the smaller the range of the network, meaning that the 5G network forces the deployment of several small cells throughout the city to work without compromising the user experience.
Data processing and transmission Connecting sensors and transmitters is only half the challenge. 5G requires the processing of large amounts of data at speeds that can be up to 50 times faster than 4G. This data needs to be collected (via towers or small cells) and sent to a processing hub (NOC).

Our solution

Smartlamppost é is a modular concept of urban furniture, which due to its modularity and flexibility integrates various technologies on the post, such as:
Smart lighting​
Charging electric vehicles​
5G and 4G hosting solutions​ Small cells and virtualization technology​​
Edge computing ​ Paradigm of computing where cloud services are brought closer to the end user​​
Active and passive equipment integrated in urban furniture​
Seen by the average user as just another lamppost, Smart Lamppost had an electric vehicle charger, a small cell operating at 3.5GHz, a CCTV camera, a public Wi-Fi hotspot, telemetry and, of course, led luminaires with integrated management.

The solution also included a platform that allowed the management of assets, lease contracts, Marketplace and management of the environmental conditions of the posts.


Domingos Bragança:
"Practical solution for charging electric cars, transforming the public lighting posts in our streets, among other digital functions, into charging stations for electric cars."