Omniflow is a self-contained smart lighting system, entirely driven by solar and wind energy. This system transforms renewable energy into autonomous IoT services. Its unique design combines advanced aerodynamics with simple geometry, allowing continuous operation even in urban settings.


Omniflow is not just a lighting post; it is a smart post that allows the inclusion of additional services such as:
Smart lighting
Public Wi-Fi Hotspot
Charging point
Video Analytics
Video surveillance;
Smart parking;
Traffic management.

Advantages of this solution

Omniflow provides energy savings of over 90% compared to standard lighting, or over 60% compared to led lighting. 

Being a compact and standardized solution, it allows cost reduction in implementation and maintenance, and can be used by several operators as a neutral solution.

With the integration of 5G technology, these devices will be able to provide real-time data, with innovative applications, for example in detecting accidents and other events in public areas.