FREZITE - Big Challenges, Great Solutions!

Founded in 1978, FREZITE is an engineering company with solutions for cutting tools with applications in the woodworking, plastics, composites and metals industries.
The company has guided its growth with solidity and sustainability, being present in over 70 countries and five continents.

Summary Table

Sector Corporate Power
Companies Involved FREZITE Proef
Location Trofa
Solutions Used Distributed Generation

Global Numbers

3100 m2 of usable area used to implement the panels
500.94 KWp installed capacity
250 Reduction of tons of CO2 emitted annually

The Challenge

Produce clean energy by leveraging the existing infrastructure Frezite wanted to install self-consumption photovoltaic panels that would allow them to produce clean energy without being totally dependent on the public grid.
In this way, in addition to an ecological solution, the company would be able to reduce its production costs, becoming even more competitive in the market.

The big challenge was to know where to install these panels in order to store as much energy as possible, without having to build supporting infrastructures.

Our solution

The solution that Proef presented to Frezite was the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption on the roof of the facilities (Fwood and metal divisionl), thus being able to take advantage of a usable area of 3100 m2 that was not being used. 

These photovoltaic panels have enabled CO2 emissions to be reduced by 250 tonnes/year, in addition to annual energy savings of around 18%.
It is estimated that the company will recover the entire investment in about 4 years, in a project that took only 2 months to implement.


José Lima Ferreira:"We ended up choosing Proef, because it is also part of Frezite's philosophy, not only choosing quality partners but also partners that guarantee technical assistance in the medium and long term."