Distributed Generation

At Proef we provide energy efficiency solutions or companies and industries using the self-consumption model or small production units.

Production Units for Self-Consumption

Self-consumption consists in using photovoltaic panels to produce energy for your own consumption, and any production surplus is sold back to the Public Service Electricity Grid.

Small Production Units

In addition to Self-Consumption, the new legal regime for distributed generation also establishes the generation of electricity in Small Generation Units.
In this case, all the energy produced through renewable sources is sold to the public service electricity grid.

Advantages of this solution

Our solution provides for the installation of energy generation units for self-consumption or UPP, including photovoltaic modules, inverters, support structures, electrical wiring and monitoring and metering systems. 

The main advantages are:
  • Reduction of energy bills by up to 70%;
  • Use of clean energy;
  • Reduced dependence on the public network (in the case of self-consumption);
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • 5-year payback, on average.

Advantages of this solution