Construction of 2 Solar Farms for Amarenco

Amarenco is an independent solar energy producer that has made the strategic decision to invest in Portugal in the past few years, committing itself to the country's energetic transition and carbon emissions reduction. By entrusting this project to Proef, the company has reinforced its commitment to innovation and a more sustainable future.

Summary Table

Sector Power
Companies Involved Amarenco Proef
Location Almeirim | Santarém
Solutions Used Network Operations - Power Photovoltaic Farms Solar Panel Installation

Global Numbers

36 504 Number of solar panels installed in the two farms
20,81 MWp of installed power
+200 More than 200 kilometres of cable have been installed in the two parks.

The Challenge

Building two solar farms simultaneously To reinforce its investment in Portugal and boost the country's energy transition, Amarenco aimed to build two solar parks in Almeirim, Santarém.

With a first farm located in Raposa and a second one in Paços dos Negros, the major challenge of this project consisted of the simultaneous construction of these farms and their connection to the National Transmission Network.

Furthermore, all environmental and safety requirements had to be considered when planning this installation.

Our Solution

Faced with this challenge, Proef's response was to build a main farm with 15 photovoltaic plants and a secondary farm with 3 plants, totalling 18 1MWp photovoltaic plants and maximising the area available.

As far as the connection of these parks is concerned, it took place via both overhead and underground lines.

All environmental and civil concerns were taken into account in this project, and multiple environmental studies and safety calculations were carried out to safeguard these needs, including the implementation of a tree curtain that reduces the visual impact on neighbouring populations.

A monitoring and video surveillance system has also been implemented, which will allow the installation to be monitored in real-time, with Proef being responsible for the operation and maintenance of these parks for the next two years.

This project, which took more than 250 people 8 months to complete, will generate 38,000 MW/h per year, helping to ensure that by 2030, 80% of the energy produced in Portugal comes from renewable sources.