Solar Panel Installation

Produce green energy for your company with our turnkey solar panel installation solutions. Save up to 50% on your electricity bill.

Our turnkey solutions, 100% adapted to your company


For any industry or area of activity, we offer turnkey energy efficiency solutions.

Our know-how allows us to provide the whole process, from design and project, energy planning and equipment acquisition, installation and maintenance.

Installing photovoltaic panels produces green energy for your own consumption, which you can then use to power your company's machinery and equipment.

Any surplus energy produced can be sold to the Public Service Electricity Grid.


Advantages of this solution

Save up to 50% on your electricity bill
With your own photovoltaic panels you’ll reduce your consumption from the electricity grid and save on the electricity bill, bringing sustainability to your business.
100% green energy production
Producing and using energy from solar panels reduces CO2 emissions and your ecological footprint.
Payback of 5 years on average
Depending on the monthly savings on your electricity bill, the number of panels installed and the sun exposure, you could see a return on investment (ROI) in 5 years on average.
Real-time monitoring
Keep track of production and energy consumption and find out how much you're saving in real time.
Professional counselling
Our professionals assess the feasibility of the project, presenting you with estimates of savings and return on investment.
Medium- and long-term technical assistance
Our experts guarantee the maintenance and monitoring of your solar panels.

Carport Solar

With our Carport Solar solution, your company car park can generate energy.

Carport Solar consists of a covered car parking structure in which solar panels are incorporated at the top to produce energy.

This solution uses your company's car park intelligently, without compromising on the number of parking spaces and solar energy production, while protecting the vehicles.

Advantages of Carport Solar

Saving on electricity costs
With the Carport Solar solution you produce solar energy for self-consumption. By reducing or eliminating dependence on the Public Service Electricity Network, you save on your electricity bill.
Installation of solar panels without the need for roofs
Carport Solar is an excellent alternative for companies that don't have roofs available for solar energy production. This solution involves building a covered structure in the car park, in which solar panels are incorporated on top.
100% green energy production
By using energy produced by your own solar panels, you reduce CO2 emissions and your ecological footprint.
Protecting cars
The solar panel structure is a modern solution for protecting and shading parked cars, both customers' and employees', while producing energy for self-consumption.
Space optimisation
Carport Solar makes intelligent use of your company's car park, without compromising on parking spaces. The solar panels are installed on top of the structure so that they cover the vehicles.
Incorporating electric vehicle charging stations
By installing the Carport Solar model in your company's car park, you can incorporate charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles that will use solar energy from the solar panels as a source.