EV charging stations

Proef is certified by Mobi.e to design and install charging stations for electric vehicles for business. The electric charging stations are customized and adapted to your company needs.

EV charging stations for business

Electric mobility is the path to environmental and economic sustainability for companies. It is essential to choose a partner who knows your infrastructure and respective fleet, as each solution is developed according to the type of vehicle, the frequency of use, and the charging method.

Our EV charging solution allows you to:

Charge any electric vehicle

 AC/DC power from 2 kW to 120 kW (public, domestic, or business network)

Making the most of or improving existing infrastructure
By studying your electrical infrastructure, we know how many and which charging stations to install. If necessary, we upgrade your electric network
Mobi.e network connection
If you wish, you can connect your charging station to the public through the Mobi.e network
EV charging stations for business

Market approach

The installation of the electric vehicle charging stations consists of the following steps:
Face-to-face visit
Our team will carry out the study of the infrastructure and analyse the best solution
Quote submission
Free quotation
Charging system design
Engineering Services
Testing and Implementation
Chargers will be installed and tested according to your needs (charging time and power)
Market approach

Advantages of this solution

Cost reduction
Reduction of up to 80% in fossil fuel costs
Market positioning
Be recognized as a leading electric mobility and sustainability company
Brand recognition
By being associated with the Mobi.e network, it will be a point of reference for all users of electric charging stations
Pollution reduction
Reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere