The optimization process for the automotive industry

Simoldes Plásticos is one of the divisions of Simoldes Group that has 9 factories spread across Portugal, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Brazil and Morocco. 
Produces plastic components for the automotive sector, supplying OEMs like Renault, Volkswagen, Stellantis, GM, Porsche, among others.

Summary Table

Sector Corporate
Companies Involved Deloitte Proef proGrow Simoldes
Location Oliveira de Azeméis
Solutions Used proGrow

Global Numbers

610 M€ in 2019
95% Export
5200 Employees


With a universe of nearly 300 injection machines, the production was managed based on manual records filled by employees in each position and with visual tables indicators filled by supervisors.
It was a complex, heavy and time-consuming process in analysis of the created history.
The project had three main objectives:
Increase the performance of the Simoldes By reducing administrative tasks with no added value.
Increase indicators performance Such as the OEE, with rapid response to performance problems highlighted in the information provided.
Digitizing continuous improvement processes By promoting a share of knowledge.

Our solution

Simoldes chose to answer this challenge with the implementation of proGrow's platform globally and integrate it with all the operations.
Shopfloor​ ProGrow is integrated with the ERP and with all the injection machines from 7 factories. It is possible to manage the entire Simoldes universe in a single view and the platform has specific alerts and escalation on situations that are bellow the target.​​
Automatic Reporting​ Automatic reports configured to follow all performance evaluation meetings, from a daily operational meeting to a monthly management meeting.​​
Workflow Management​ Work instructions and SMED processes were digitized, as well as the management and monitoring of continuous improvement projects.​​
The return on investment was clear from the beginning of the project. The time reduction in the administrative work was sufficient to recover in short term the proGrow platform investment. Potential medium-term gains show the real profitability of the platform.

Potential gains in administrative work reduction


Potential gains in operational performance


Potential gains in continuous improvement department