Software Development

Our team of developers uses the most advanced technologies, whether they are Open Source or Proprietary Software. We use SCRUM methodology and develop web-enabled solutions, mobile platforms or enterprise solutions to properly support your business.

Developed products

Smart parking platform & app
Parking space occupancy reports;

History of parking spaces and footprint;

Customization of metrics, statistics and collected variables;

Organization of assets in different areas;

Definition of user roles and relevant permissions.

Smart traffic and parking platform
Display of asset location, number of vehicles and time count;

Personalized and detailed management of existing assets;

Collection of metrics related to driver behavior (traffic congestion trends, busy streets, etc.);

Display of traffic congestion.

Air quality measurement platform
Air Station Location Display;

Configuration and detailed management of existing assets;

Real time display of detailed information from collected data;

Definition of different user types and access levels;

Display and configuration of measurement units for the pre-set parameters

Smart waste management platform & app
Container location display. Real time information on container level, date of last collection and alert status;

Level check and sensor battery status;

Calculation and display of the best route for waste collection operators;

Analysis of waste collection shifts;

Details on each waste collection completed;

Incident type definition (type, state, geographic location and date).

Advantages of this solution

Our customized solutions cover all phases of the development cycle: analysis, architecture, development and testing. We pay special attention to the user experience, seeking to develop neutral and interoperable solutions.