App Águas do Porto

Águas do Porto is a local business entity of municipal scope endowed with statutory, administrative and financial autonomy, established in October 2006, whose share capital is held in its entirety by the Porto City Council.

Its corporate object is the integrated and sustainable management of the entire urban water cycle in the municipality of Porto. The Águas do Porto App was launched in 2016 to facilitate this management process. 

Summary Table

Sector Cities
Companies Involved Águas do Porto Porto City Council Proef Ubiwhere
Location Porto
Solutions Used Software development

Global Numbers

2016 Year of application release
5000 Number of users of the application
20 000 Information collected on more than 20 000 sensors

The Challenge

Develop a solution dedicated to efficient water consumption and management Since water is an essential good, Águas do Porto intended to develop a solution for a more efficient management of this resource and, at the same time, appeal to the environmental awareness of citizens, promoting more sustainable behaviours.

However, since it was an app, there would have to be an incentive to download it.

Our solution

App Águas do Porto
The solution designed by Proef's partner, Ubiwhere, was a mobile application (Android and IOS) with the following features: 

Evolution and consumption analysis​
Water leakage alert​
Consumption comparison​
Tips for reducing water consumption​
Notifications and Notices​
Quality of consumed water​
Quality of bathing water​
Communication of readings​


Frederico Fernandes:
"This application, as well as the initiatives that have been promoted, aim to increase consumer confidence in tap water, which is subjected to more than 50,000 analyses per year."