Automaise is a low-code cloud-based platform that automates customer service processes using artificial intelligence, requiring a low implementation and maintenance effort.

How does it work?

Automaise combines ML, Deep Learning & NLP in on single approach drag’n’drop low-code, allowing companies to benefit from AI in the sense of automating complex processes with a relevant impact on your business.

Advantages of this solution

AutoML/Self-learning/Client Supervision
AutoML, owned by Automaise, select and calibrate the best AI algorithm to the dataset in question. Associated with the user interface (UI), intuitive to train models, makes the Automaise’ AI overcome in 8% other providers.
State-of-the-art conversational skills

Automaise's approach is not just about identifying intentions, followed by a static, with one way only. Automaise provides conversational flows that are 100% orchestrated by AI.

AI Response Generation

Definition of model responses or generation of the most appropriate responses through AI, based on past agent-to-customer responses.

Identification/authentication of clients in a safe way providing a vast set of transaction tasks that can be targeted for automation.
Human + AI
Development of supervised automations or direct delivery, to the agents from the second line, of the incidences that automation could not assume. This can be done inside the Automaise or to the Omni platform customer channel through integration.