EllaLink | Connecting Europe to Latin America

Ellalink aims to connect Europe to South America via a submarine telecommunications cable over six thousand kilometres long, providing low-latency data exchange between both continents.
Sines is the gateway to Europe and Fortaleza to South America. The data centres in Madrid and Lisbon will also be connected to this network, via ground.

Summary Table

Sector Telecom
Companies Involved EllaLink Quadrante
Location Sines, Portugal
Solutions Used Data Center

Global Numbers

1500 The Cable Landing Station of Sines occupies an area of around 1500 m² and has a useful area of 260 m² of technical rooms, to house the Submarine Cable interconnection and management systems.
50% The activation of the direct route between Europe and Latin America will lead to a 50% reduction, compared to the current infrastructure, of the time it takes for information to pass through the network.
12 Duration of the project in months: three months (design and licensing) and nine (execution)

The Challenge

Connecting the disconnected This project presents great challenges and responsibilities, as it allows a massive volume of data to be passed between Europe and Latin America, directly connecting a total of 1.2 billion people without recourse to North America, specifically the USA. Places with limited connectivity such as Madeira, Cape Verde, Mauritania, Morocco, the Canary Islands and French Guiana will have a direct route to mainland Europe.

Proef was assigned the mission of planning, designing and building the entire support infrastructure - Cable Landing Station, in Sines, which is the meeting point between the submarine and terrestrial network. Scalability of the project was the premise, i.e., a solution was designed that allows the gradual growth of the infrastructure according to the needs of EllaLink's business.

Our solution

In the first phase of the project, in August 2019, Proef was responsible for designing, together with EllaLink, the solution and obtaining the necessary permitting, including the pipeline route that connects the cable arrival to the beach with the Cable Landing Station (CLS).
The second phase was the construction and implementation of the Cable Landing Station (CLS), a critical support infrastructure given the global context of the project, which enhances the connection to other European cities.

This project encompassed the following specialities:
Civil Infrastructures​
Water supply and sewage network​
ModSecur prefabricated modular structure ​ Responding to the premise of scalability​​
Climate Control ​ Direct expansion HVAC system (CCU, Mono-Splits)​​
Power ​ Medium and Low Voltage; Transformer Station; Generator Group and Fuel Transfer System (72h of autonomy); AC Electrical Boards; DC Electrical Distribution Network; Lighting; AC/DC Inverters and Batteries​​
Security​ Fire Detection and Extinguishing; Video Surveillance, Access Control ad Intrusion; Flood Detection; Signalling and Sealing CF​​
Communications ​ Copper network (ITED), Technical Management (BMS)​​


Philippe Dumont:
"This cable is really a unique element to foster business between the Iberian Peninsula and South America: if you want a big business you need a strong and robust digital infrastructure and that is what EllaLink offers."