Data Center

Proef designs and implements Data Center infrastructures, ensuring global project management and integrating the various aspects that make up the solution: electric energy, climate control, security and communications. The Data Center project will always be adapted to the needs and size of each client.

Services provided

Air Conditioning

Aeraulic network;
Hydraulic network;
Ventilation and climatization equipment;
INROWS, UCC, VRV, mono-splits;
Smoke extraction system.


Medium and low voltage;
Generator groups;
Electrical network;
Electric plugs;
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Fire detection and suppression system;
Intrusion detection system;
Video-surveillance (CCTV);
Access control;
Hazardous gas detection system;
Flood detection;
Signage and fire seal.

Cabinets / staging;
Copper network;
Fiber network;
Technical management and field equipment system (GTC).

Advantages of this solution

A Data Center is a complex system that is dependent on various subsystems such as power, climate control, security and communications. Making decisions and finding the best partners and suppliers for each of these subsystems is not an easy task and takes time and money out of companies. 
Working with Proef guarantees an integrated global solution from the design to the implementation of Data Center infrastructures, with a specialized team and know how to manage the project as a whole, regardless of its requirements.

Advantages of this solution