Water Infrastructure

Proef has been in the water sector for over ten years, providing solutions and infrastructures for water treatment. From study development to implementation, operation and maintenance, we have diverse solutions in three key areas (drinking water, wastewater treatment and reuse).

Cadastre of infrastructures​

Our extensive experience in cadastre of infrastructures​ gives us the ability to provide significant added value in water infrastructure registration projects. 

Collecting information
Existing Cadastre Analysis;
Identification of the limiting situations;
Detection of the conduits plan.

Survey and Cadastre
Water Supply and Wastewater Sanitation Networks;

Cadastre Quality Control
Field Verification;
Final validation.
Cadastre modeling and uploading
Identify the critical points;
Identify anomalous details;
Strategic planning including physical interventions.

Technical assistance
Operation and monitoring
Installation and monitoring of measuring equipment (flow meters, data loggers, water pressure meters and others…) - SCADA.