Trainee Program - Engineering

16 November 2021
The Engineering Trainee Program was developed with the aim of empowering young leaders to work in the Power and Telecom areas. Designed to challenge your knowledge and skills, in this program you will take on real responsibilities. You will also have a mentor, with know-how in Power and Telecom, to monitor your evolution.

What areas are included in the Trainee Program?
  • Electric Power Systems
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
  • Telecommunications and Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Management Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

What are the requirements to apply?
  • Eligible for Professional Internship
  • Fluency in the English/French/German language (preferred)
  • Availability for international posting (preferred)

Where will you work?
Vacancies are open for Portugal, France, Germany and Angola.

How to submit the application?
Send your CV with the reference "Trainee_Eng" to the email

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